Response to: “Metaforas: Elements of the Computer”

Though I’ve known about binary code and other technical inter workings for some time, it’s interesting to think that such advanced technology uses the most basic mathematical form to work. It is amazing what humans have created and innovated over time, yet still use basic concepts as the foundation for design.

Response to: “Metaforas: Dialog”

I think the term “connection” is being redefined with the increasing use of the web for constant contact. There is an increase in correspondence between those that might not stay in touch as often, and this connection allows for relationship growth, as well as cultural growth. “Connection” also refers to the fact that the Internet is a web of connectivity, constantly supplying information and growing. At the same time, real world activities are becoming more web-based.

Question: These articles focus on connection as a culture. Do you think the Internet reinforces these connections, or is it keeping people from connection?

Since people are “constantly striving to create bonds with others whether through religious or cultural beliefs, moral or ethical laws, expressive or didactic communication”, the Web communities further this interaction by allowing people to connect all over, rather than just locally.

The Internet allows for a much more connected and interactive audience. Television has even moved to the Internet now in response to the constant need for connection and, in my opinion, in response to illegal downloading. Networks can now provide users with constant connectivity to syndicated television shows.

Question: Do you think television will eventually be completely interactive, like the internet?

Response to Other Articles:

The timeline was a lot of information to take in, but what is apparent that we’ve come a long way with the internet.

**Since the streaming here at Ramapo is atrocious, I am not able to watch the video. I found the Wikiality website an excellent satire of Wikipedia, self-representation, and propaganda.

Question: Do you think satirical references stunt trends or perpetuate them?